There are many issues which may prompt you to seek help from a therapist. You may have reached a deep crisis in your life or feel overwhelmed by depression, stress, fear, or anger. You may be filled with self-doubt. You may have had a relationship breakdown or bereavement or be struggling with illness. You may feel trapped or isolated and alone or you may feel that your life has little meaning or purpose.

Often there are underlying causes for your current difficulties. These are likely to be hidden and deep-seated. The type of therapy I offer will help you to discover why you are struggling and support you as you begin to develop new ways to live your life and interact with others.

I offer both one-to-one and group therapy. Often, but not always, clients will engage in a period of individual work before deciding to join a group. Both offer a rich opportunity to combat stress and anxiety and achieve deep and lasting personal growth.

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions take place in my consulting room in Charlbury, which is near Woodstock, Witney and Chipping Norton. Clients generally attend sessions either once or twice a week, depending on their needs. Some clients work with me for a few weeks or several months; some choose to have therapy for several years. I also offer sessions online.

If you would like to think about embarking on therapy with me, we will arrange to meet for an initial assessment which will give us both a chance to explore your issues and to see whether this is the right place for you and decide whether individual or group work would be the best option. Sometimes we will have several assessment sessions before making a decision.

To discuss your needs or to book an initial assessment, please see the contacts page.

Group Therapy

Most of the issues that underlie emotional distress or illness involve relationships with others – in couples, families, friendships, or the workplace. Becoming a member of a psychotherapy group offers you a unique opportunity to observe and understand how you interact with others. Therapy groups may stir up painful issues, but they also become precious sources of support and nurture and a space in which members can gradually learn to develop new and more satisfying ways of relating with others.

Joining a therapy group takes commitment and time and is a big decision. The individual assessment process is very important in preparing you for a group and will often take several weeks or even months.

I currently run one therapy group:

The Yarnton Therapy Group
Meets at Yarnton Health Centre on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 – 4:30.